Saturday Programs

Daily Doodle Dos

Blake Hernandez

In this everyday dog seminar, Blake will tell you exactly how to maximize money and minimize madness on these majestic mutts—from how to schedule, handle and educate a daily doodle client to all Blake’s go-to tips to make every hour a power hour! One thing every doodle has in common is that they are part Poodle, and that Blake’s jam!

The Art of Saying No!

Judy Hudson

Running a grooming salon safely and efficiently requires setting clear expectations and boundaries with customers and employees. In this seminar, Judy shares do's and don'ts of managing positive and productive relationships with your customers and your employees.

Really Real Retail

Corina Stammworthy

You don’t need to go all in on huge inventory to start your retail journey. Learn how to start retail from nothing and intentionally grow it based on your customer’s needs and likes. We’ll cover techniques such as add-ons to a groom, impulse buys and storytelling through merchandising. Enjoy a new passive income stream for your business that is not labor intensive.

How Anatomy Relates to Grooming

Allison Alexander

Knowing the anatomy of your dogs is an essential part of grooming. For the most fantastic grooms, you must understand the basic structure of the dog, angulation, balance, and how the dog moves. We will teach you the basic anatomy of the dog of any breed, and how you can discern the structure of the dogs in your care. This seminar will also teach you how your new knowledge of anatomy is going to affect your grooming, and how to put this know-how into practice in the salon and in grooming competitions.

Taking Care of You, the Groomer

Judy Hudson

Judy will share what she has learned over her 30+ year career that has enabled her to continue to groom 10-12 dogs a day pain free. Exercises she does to stay strong in this physically demanding job that we love, inflammatory foods you should steer clear of, and things you should do for your peace of mind will all be covered.

Your Business Runs On Shampoo and Conditioner

Dave Campanella

Let’s be frank…your business runs on shampoo, and “tub time” is the most critical phase of the grooming process. There are so many brands, products and smells…Where does one begin? The liquid products chosen will definitely make or break one's success. Learn what key ingredients to look for, understand pH, and bust the myths behind dilution rates, conditioners, whiteners, deodorizers, facial washes, and more. Most importantly, you’ll learn the science-based facts and references for getting the best results with less inventory, less effort, and less expense!

It's a Snap! Snap-On Combs to Simplify Your Everyday Grooms

Mackensie Murphy

Top competitor and GroomTeam USA member Mackensie has spent her entire career in a salon doing your everyday pet trims. Over the years she has figured out how to cut down time by using snap-on combs. She will show you all the tricks she’s picked up along the way to make your everyday grooming easier and quicker with snap-on combs.

The Grooming Business: Not Just a Good Haircut!

Joey Villani

This is a great opportunity to listen to Joey Villani, a seasoned veteran of all sides of the grooming business, on the topic of running a more efficient operation. Lots of information will be covered in condensed form, so take lots of notes on this one! Time will be well spent in this class!

The Dreaded Deshed

Dr. Cliff Faver

Desheds are time consuming and hard on a groomer’s body long term. Learn tips and techniques that actually make this job easier by working smarter. Learn ways to minimize the work and, even in some cases, eliminate the need by better education for the client, more efficient techniques, and products that do the hard work for you.

Perfecting Your Groom One Leg at a Time

Ashley Pacini

Legs are one of the most difficult parts to achieve on a dog and have the potential to negatively impact your overall groom. In this hour-long demonstration, Ashley will share how, through refined clipper and scissor work, you can achieve the perfect column leg on any breed with any coat type.

Burnout... Does it Have to Exist?

Elli Bultemeier

Having a hard time finding groomers? Have you thought about training groomers but don’t think you could or don’t have time? Our industry is struggling as the pet to groomer ratio is very one-sided. DEVELOP MORE GROOMERS! In this informative seminar, Elli will show you that you do have time and give you a guide to implement a training program.

Social Media Science

Blake Hernandez

Algorithms, clickbait, content creation, OH MY! Allow Blake to walk you down the path more and more traveled—the road to free advertising and brand promotion that meets the mark. He will cover quick edits to your content to drive up that engagement and make you the one to watch. Groom smarter, not harder as you maximize your online presence.

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