Sunday Programs

Sporting Dogs in the Salon

Nadia Bongelli

We all know about hand-stripping terrier coats, but what about proper care and grooming of sporting breed jackets? These techniques are more useful in your day-to-day grooming than you may think! Uncover a whole new world and coat type and add another handy skill to your arsenal.

Employee Problems? Let’s Build a Winning Team!

Elli Bultemeier

Tired of losing employees? Over not being able to find groomers? Where have they all gone? It is hard to find anyone who wants to work these days. Let's learn how to build a winning team together! Stop stressing about where you're going to find your next groomer and start implementing new strategies to build your winning team!

Bring on the Brachycephalic Breeds!

Teri DiMarino

Anybody who has been “in dogs” for any period of time knows what a brachycephalic breed is. These dogs have short muzzles and broad heads and include such popular breeds as English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Shih Tzu’s, to name a few. These breeds come with their own set of issues that can cause problems, especially in the grooming process. They can have breathing problems, they do not handle heat well and those facial wrinkles need special care to keep them clean. Just washing the face of one of these breeds can be a challenge! Teri will focus on some of the problems unique to these breeds and how we can overcome these issues in the salon, sending out a clean, well-groomed dog with a sweet looking and smelling face.

The Art of Scissoring

Mackensie Murphy

Curly coats can be found on a variety of pure breeds as well as mixed breeds. Within these varieties you'll find many coat textures and densities and each will require the use of different types of shears and products to achieve a beautiful trim and crisp finish. In this seminar, top competitor and GroomTeam USA member Mackensie Murphy will demonstrate her scissoring skills on three different commonly seen curly coat varieties. Mackensie will discuss the various lengths and preferences of her shears, the types of cutting edges she prefers for each coat type, and recommendations of products to assist in achieving the best finish for the various types of curly coats she will be demonstrating on. Whether you groom oodles of Poodles or cute, curly mixed breeds, this is a seminar you don't want to miss!

Creating the Canine Utopia in Your Salon

Donna Carey

Donna will discuss how to use the skills you have to create utopia in your salon and how to use your intuition to build a connection with each dog you groom. She will also teach skills used to calm nervous dogs and create a relaxed, safe grooming atmosphere. Donna will discuss business strategies to maintain a constant flow of cash and happy customers and will teach strategies for talking with clients.

The Bath is Everything

Suzanne Marchetti

Bathing is the most important aspect of a great groom. As the bather, you are in charge of the foundation of the groom, the dog’s first impression of the grooming experience, and the first line of defense for health issues. Done correctly, it is a huge asset to the groom but, done incorrectly, it may cost valuable time and sometimes even a client. In this seminar, we will be covering tips and tricks for different aspects, from the pre-evaluation to the final brush-out. A special emphasis will be put on making sure that the problem areas are addressed as well as ways to enhance or maximize what you do.

Handstripping with Grace

Grazia Adriani

Once almost a dying art, hand-stripping has made a big comeback in the past few years. More and more owners are wanting their dogs hand-stripped to maintain coat and skin health, and it’s hard to find groomers that know this technique. In this seminar, Grace will teach you the fundamentals of hand-stripping, explaining what the different tools are, how to use them, the proper technique, what all the different terms mean, how to take care of a wire coat, and how to schedule them and charge for your time. The objective of this class is to give you a solid foundation so you can have the confidence to start practicing and building your hand-stripping skills into a solid income revenue stream. Grace will also have a variety of hand-stripping tools and giveaways courtesy of Artero USA.

Talking to Owners About Behavior Problems

Chrissy Neumyer Smith

It can be an awkward situation when you need to confront an owner on their pet’s behavior in the grooming salon. Rather than avoid confrontation all together, join Chrissy as she helps you navigate this uncomfortable conversation. She will give you the right words to say to help owners understand how behavior affects safety. How can having a safety policy in your salon help you discuss bad behavior with your clients? What suggestions can you make to owners to work on at home with their pets? This seminar will give you solid talking points when you inevitably find yourself in this sticky situation again.

Bath, Brush and Beyond

Blake Hernandez

Most of us have taken a Bather course, and they are a great foundation for sure. However, in this class, Blake will take a deep dive into the techniques and physical goings on to create a squeaky clean and pristine prep just begging for the perfect finish. Sure you can ask about products and even hear recommendations, but this class is more about the motion of the ocean and less about the brand of sail!

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